A flexible custom shop for a luxury brand.

The relaunch of a heritage Luxury British lifestyle brand that included a website redesign and re-platform to Shopify Plus. Increased functionality, speed, user experience and features were utilized to better-serve customers and to complement an overhauled ERP system and store growth.

International Collaboration

Our team made over 10 trips from Toronto to London for in-person collaboration opportunities.

Designed for Storytelling

A design built for storytelling, with flexible atomic design elements that perfectly tell the story of fashion for life’s moments.

The Challenge

The Derek Rose team called on Stream Commerce for the redesign and migration of their active site. They wanted their new site to reflect their dedication to quality and exceptional customer experience. It had to be optimized in line with their customer base expectations and provide a variety of content types throughout the site to engage returning and new customers alike.

The existing site was an impediment to that vision. Its flexibility was close to none and the content layouts on the homepage stifled creativity. The Product Detail pages gave an awkward shopping experience, both aesthetically and functionally; and had not been optimized for mobile devices.

The Stream Solution

The Stream Commerce team was thrilled at the opportunity to work with the Derek Rose brand. Their commitment to making sustainable products echoed our keen interest in creating quality online experiences with long-term partners.

Inspired by their dedication to detail and quality, we were committed to building a website that would fully embrace
their vision.

We set off to improve the omnichannel experience by first migrating all the website content from Magento to Shopify Plus and then starting on the design of the new build.

This new build would:

  • Improve the flexibility of the homepage and other content pages across the website.
  • Allow the Derek Rose team to create editable dynamic size guides on the fly.
  • Accommodate sale pricing for key promotional holidays.
  • Offer the possibility of international shipping via the Shopify markets.
  • Improve the mobile experience based on current UX best practices.

Designs that Highlight the Garments

We used a minimal and sleep typographic system to highlight rather than overshadow the beautiful, bright lifestyle photography. Additionally, a minimal colour palette called attention to the vibrant red brand colour.

Our team designed over 20 different content blocks meant to work together seamlessly for easily manageable and engaging content. Each design element was built as to highlight the luxury lifestyle associated with the brand storytelling.

A Menu as a Powerful Navigation Tool

With a large loyal customer base, many of the site’s visitors are returning customers. Consequently, we designed the mega menu as a power tool for users to easily navigate to their favourite collections and sub-collections.

These mega menus also provided the Derek Rose team with the ability to repurpose them around key selling and promotional periods with a mix of featured links and promotional imagery, in just a few clicks.

Custom functionalities fitting for a luxury brand

Our team worked closely with the Derek Rose team to determine the functionalities that would bring the most value to the brand and its clients.

Once our list of priorities was made, we set off to implement them.

1. Finer Details Image Gallery

We designed a secondary image gallery which facilitated macro, high-resolution photography to capture the impressive details of the Derek Rose garments. These finer detailed image galleries highlighted the artistry found in elements such as secret pockets for travel, seamless trousers for scratch-free comfort, and high-quality pin-lock zips.

2. Custom Monogramming Tool

Every Derek Rose item is unique whether it be an heirloom piece, a special gift to commemorate an occasion or even just a gift to oneself. With that in mind, we designed a custom monogramming function which allows each customer to add initials to selected products.

A visualization modal allows the customer to see changes to their item in real-time throughout the entire process of selecting fonts, the colour of the stitching, and the size of the monogram. This created a highly visual and engaging experience for customers, thereby encouraging purchases.

3. Advanced Product View Options

We implemented advanced product view options to highlight the exclusively designed, hand-painted fabrics integral to the Derek Rose product offering. Customers can now take full advantage of a detailed fabric view when browsing product collections, allowing them to see magnified views of each print.

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