How influencers and creativity took brand awareness to new heights.

Brooklyn and Bailey built a devoted following on YouTube and Instagram before the term "influencer" even existed. Their fans became an integral part of the process when the sisters decided to launch a skincare line, Stay itk (in the know), using their own experiences and insights.

The duo approached us in 2022 to create a website that would offer personalized beauty advice, 3D product images, and AR technology, providing customers with an interactive and educational experience unlike any other.

Website Launched in August 2022

New Website Launched From Scratch   

Built a connection between the new website and Walmart's online store enabling consumers to purchase online.

Implementing 3D Images with Augmented Reality

Implementing the intricate 3D designs and AR technology on the website, in order to make it more interactive and engaging for users.

Building Engagement in Community 

Directly linking social media platforms to the website, enabling automatic updates of dynamic content on the site.

The Challenge

B&B, a new player in the competitive skincare market, aimed to launch their line in Walmart stores across the US. To stand out from established brands, they sought to engage and educate their customers through personalized beauty advisor support.

B&B approached us to develop an interactive website that would cater to the Gen Z demographic, offering a seamless shopping experience and empowering customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Stream demonstrates a commitment to meeting the needs of their customers and driving growth.

The Stream Solution

We brought the B&B website to life by incorporating 3D images and AR technology, elevating the shopping experience to new heights. This cutting-edge feature empowers customers to make informed decisions and creates a more immersive and interactive platform. We also developed an extensive skin quiz and product display pages, providing customers with detailed information and enriching their experience.

Our continuous push for innovation in the e-commerce industry has resulted in a website that not only engages customers but also provides convenience and satisfaction. We are committed to ongoing advancements in e-commerce and thrilled to offer such exciting features to our valued customers.

Building Engagement in the Community

Our AR feature goes beyond the norm by providing customers with a preview of our products in their space and allowing them to take virtual selfies with B&B. Our skin quiz and tutorial videos enrich the shopping experience and facilitate informed purchasing decisions.

Easy-to-understand Skincare, ITK brought to life.

Collaboration and Creativity

Our collaboration with B&B was a testament to the power of partnership and creativity.

With their goal of entering physical stores, we designed a fun and interactive website using new functionalities and technologies on Shopify Plus. Our team ensured that the website not only had a beautiful design but also provided a great user experience with features like 3D product images and AR. Our clients were thrilled with the end result and felt that the website perfectly represented their brand's youthful and fun aesthetic. We are proud to have played a part in bringing their vision to life and look forward to continued success together.

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